The Journey from Here

The Journey from Here, by Senator Bill BradleyThe Journey from Here
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Bill Bradley ran for president, helped shape a national debate, and altered America’s consciousness and views on universal healthcare, child poverty, race relations, gun control, and campaign finance reform. If anything, his thinking was ahead of the country’s.

That experience forms the heart and soul of The Journey from Here a compelling call to action from a man no longer campaigning for office, but still running hard for ideas and principles that will define the very essence of this nation.

From the perspective of a year on the road, listening to Americans in all circumstances and walks of life, Bradley now reflects on the issues we need to confront head on. He sees a people “better than we think as citizens and human beings,” with the means to provide for the welfare of all of our children, to reduce the plague of racial division, and to reinvigorate our greatest gift to the world – lasting democracy. He sees an America ready for fundamental democratic reform. He sees a country with the means to secure its role in the global economy without sacrificing its spiritual self. And he sees potential that will be realized only when we all participate in a political process “full of hope and honesty.”