American Voices Show Excerpts

Below are short excerpts from selected shows.

Listen to complete shows from 2012, 2013 and 2014.

AV Show 18 – Jay Young
During this clip of American Voices, Bill Bradley speaks with Jay Young, the owner of Colorado Gators where he teaches classes on alligator wrestling. He talks about the steps to jumping an alligator, techniques to wrestle them and common mistakes made while trying.

AV Show 13 – Paul Manning
On this clip of American Voices, Bill Bradley talks with Paul Manning, a member of Fenway Park groundscrew for 10 years. They discuss favorite parts of the field, memories and stories behind the special ball park in Boston.

AV Show 151 – Kyle Maynard
During this interview on American Voices, Bill Bradley talks with an inspiring and determined 22- year old athlete, Kyle Maynard. Although, he was born without arms below the elbows and legs below the knee, Kyle grew up wanting to be an athlete. He discusses his disorder, growing up and achieving success with it, and his journey to becoming a championship wrestler and a world record breaker.

AV Show 6 – Paula Lucas
In this clip of American Voices, Bill Bradley talks to a courageous woman, Paula Lucas about domestic violence. Paula explains her own experiences and how in a result of that she wanted to help victims and their children of domestic violence find refuge. She has set up the American Domestic Violence Crisis Line to provide advocacy, safety planning and case management for these women and children. visit to learn more about what Paula has set up.

AV Show 33 – Hal Holbrooke
In this clip of American Voices, Bill Bradley talks with the man who keeps Mark Twain’s legacy strong, Hal Holbrooke. Hal has performed as Mark Twain around the world for over 50 years. He explains how Mark Twain is not an easy character to play as he was so sensitive and had such a depth to his thinking. Hal shares his experiences performing as Mark Twain and the way the audience reacts to certain speeches.

AV Show 6 – Celia Maybaum
American Voices host Bill Bradley interviews Celia Maybaum, also known as Mrs. Max down in Long Branch, New Jersey. For almost 40 years Celia has worked at Max’s Hot Dogs, famous for the best classic american hotdog. Celia answers questions such as what makes these famous hot dogs famous and how Max’s all began. She shares celebrity customers and stories of the best and worst customer.

AV Show 186 – Sandie Anderson and Annamarie Ausnes
American Voices host Bill Bradley speaks with Sandie Anderson, a Barrista at Starbucks, and Annamarie Ausnes, one of Sandie’s customers at Starbucks for 3 years, as they share their touching story of how daily chitchat turned into a lifesaving friendship. With only having a 30 second conversations and without even knowing eachothers names, Sandie offered to donate her kidney to Annamarie, who’s kidneys were failing with no match from family. Through this tremendous act of generosity, Sandie saved Annamarie’s life and gained a dear friend.